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Just For Fun & Thanks™



Your Serial Number is your "ticket" to membership in an elite club of our supporters called Just For Fun & Thanks™.

Just For Fun & Thanks™ is limited to 350,000 members. It has nothing to do with "marketing" and there are no ulterior motives. It's ONLY about thanking our supporters (you) for the miracle of this venture. If you win something (we hope you do!) we'll notify you by email and you will never incur any costs.

Serial Numbers appear in about 50% of our cookies. You'll also receive BONUS Serial Numbers when you order on our website.

Every so often we'll be giving away something extraordinary, including a trip to Paris. That's where Judy and I decided to continue with our admittedly, unconventional venture (read about it in "Bart's Brain" on menu bar above). 

We respect your privacy and you will never receive unwanted emails. "Official" emails will always contain "Fun & Thanks!" on the subject line.

It is to your advantage to collect and register Serial Numbers, as we expect they will have increasing value.


Thank you and ENJOY! Bart & Judy Greenhut

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"Our cookies are dedicated to everyone who is unwilling to compromise their ideals for dollars!"

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