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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World!


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World® (Belgian Chocolate)
With the addition of sublime natural mint!

More times than not, when I'm at my desk you'll find me munching on these!

Your box will contain about 120 cookies hermetically sealed within 3 gold foil bags.

• Amazing French and American Butter & Fresh Eggs (hand-cracked)
• Fantastic Madagascar Vanilla
• Incredible Dark BELGIAN Chocolate Chips 
• Fresh-Baked, tastes home-made!

We use only the best all-natural ingredients, NO trans-fats, hydrogenated oils or artificial, ANYTHING!

Gold, foil bags keep your cookies “just-baked” fresh for up to 12 months.

For an INCREDIBLE experience just put some in the microwave for 12-17 seconds, The warmed cookies will make Betty Crocker herself smile -THERE'S NOTHING BETTER!  -sit back, relax, savor the flavor and dream! They taste like they came straight from grandma’s oven!

Not "gift packaged". Our money goes into your cookies, not packaging.

Orders are usually shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Thank you and ENJOY! Bart & Judy Greenhut