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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World!

$100 Donation to 8-7 fundraiser
Belgian Chocolate with MINT Chip!


You're helping us in a big way and we greatly appreciate it! You'll receive acknowlegement on our website and a personal thank you from Judy and me along with 3, 4.2oz. boxes of our new, very delicious Belgian chocolate chip cookies with light mint! Enjoy them yourself or share them to friends and neighbors!

(after the 3 boxes and $6.95 flat rate shipping, we actually net about $88)

"Dedicated to everyone who refuses to compromise their ideals for dollars"

  1. Amazing butter
  2. Fresh, hand-cracked, eggs. Madagascar Vanilla
  3. Belgian, Chocolate with Sublime Natural Mint
CLICK HERE to see all varities of our incredible chocolate chip cookies!
Thank you for your support, we'll keep you updated on our progress moving forward.
Bart and Judy Greenhut