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People want tastier, healthier gourmet products at a fair price. Bart’s Bakery is looking for businesses like yours to partner with so that we can help you generate more profit and enjoy an incredible ROI of 200% with our delicious cookies.

Replace Famous Amos with Bart & Judy's natural, gourmet chocolate chip cookies.

Better satisfy your customers and keep revenue in the USA, where it should be!

Why Bart & Judy’s, NOT Famous Amos®?

  • Gourmet & all-natural
  • No preservatives & no artificial flavors
  • Superior ingredients
  • Baked fresh daily
  • USA family-owned company

Our cookies are better than Famous Amos® in every way. Order your starter kit today and you’ll receive it for a limited-time discounted price!

Lock in your profits.

Purchase our cookies for just $0.745 and sell them for $1.50, giving you a 200% profit while providing consumers exactly what they want: a better-tasting cookie that they’ll purchase over and over.

We’re eager to partner with businesses like yours to increase both of our profit margins during these challenging times! A little sweetness goes a long way. Get started with a limited-time starter kit offer that will change your business forever:

Supporting the USA economy, UNLIKE Famous Amos®.

Everyone loves the all-American chocolate chip cookie, and we’re committed to keeping our product in the USA.

You may have heard that Famous Amos® has been bought out by Italian billionaire Giovanni Ferraro... Our mission is to send Famous Amos® packing back to Italy and put profits back into American hands with a SUPERIOR cookie.

We guarantee consumers won’t be able to stop ordering our cookies. Try them now!

Order my SPECIAL starter kit!

We guarantee our cookie will become your #1 bestseller and REPLACE the inferior Famous Amos® brand.

Vending Starter Special
$71.52 USD


96pcs, 2oz. Snack-Packs, double chocolate chip cookies, shipped anywhere in USA!

  • Fresh and natural with a higher margin for you!
  • More chocolate than any other chocolate chip cookie
  • Consumers are looking for a higher-quality alternative!
  • Keep USA dollars in the USA!
  • Far superior to Famous Amos®!


Contact us by Email or (800) 873-5957 for SPECIAL ORDERS!

*DISCLAIMER: Bart & Judy's Bakery Inc. has no association with Famous Amos®, whose trademark is owned by Ferrero (Ferrero SpA). Today, Ferrero SpA is masquerading their cookie as the American Brand, exploiting consumers and sucking dollars out of the USA (opinion). We say, support USA. Buy from USA-owned companies.



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