Our Story


30 Years in the oven..

Once upon a time (1970's) there was a baker in Hollywood who became famous for producing delightfully crunchy, bite-sized, chocolate chip cookies.

He sold-out and soon his delicious, cookies were replaced by mass-produced, imitations.. marketed under his name!

A similar fate befell Mrs. Field's, Ottis Spunkmeyer and most recently, Tate's. Give us a break, we get bummed when that happens, that's why today, WE produce:  "The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World!"®

Our cookies are all-natural, buttery, crunchy, golden-brown and deliciously chocolaty. They're made with only the best of EVERYTHING, Creamery Butter, FRESH Eggs and the world's finest, dark Belgian Chocolate.

We ship fresh-baked (never warehoused) and our cookies contain NO preservatives or artificial ANYTHING. Their only purpose is to preserve a little place in the world for perfection, and to propagate happiness. 

We develop our own proprietary recipes, source superior ingredients and bake every one of our cookies in-house, in our own facility.

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Bart's Brain

Illustration by Judy Greenhut


The first week of May, 2012, Judy and I found ourselves writing our new year’s resolutions at a wonderful little restaurant called Le Petit Zinc, in Paris. I was soon to be 67, we had been producing our cookies for almost 6 years.

It was in Paris, several years earlier (Le Bon Marche, to be exact,) where we were embarrassed to find Famous Amos and Mrs. Field's representing the the best America had to offer! (against a backdrop of epicurean delicacies from around the world.) For us it was a sad commentary, and we took it personally.

So, Judy and I sold our house, bought a 100’ oven, designed a box & began baking cookies. Our cookies are much more than just "cookies." They are about sustaining ideals and propagating happiness.

In spite of our decidedly un-conventional approach, sales increased.

Leading up to our trip, I was weighted down just considering whether we could transition our enterprise into being self-supporting.

We knew people loved our cookies however, 12 years earlier, I had survived a rare disease and I was already older than my father was when he died.

So, in Paris, few nights before returning to Los Angeles, we considered our options over crepes and a bottle of Grand Marnier.

MY big question was whether I could begin a new career at an age when most people wind down.

Judy and I don’t need much material wealth to be happy. Judy is fearless, her ONLY question; what would I enjoy? That was easy, propagating happiness through our cookies, for as long as possible!

“The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World”® is more than a provocative, name. EVERYTHING we do is the best attainable.

It has not been easy. In Judy’s words: “We have a cookie karma going, and sometimes it’s a hell of a struggle.”  For us it's simple, if our cookies make you smile, and we sustain, then we’ve done a good job.

Thank you and ENJOY!  Bart & Judy Greenhut

*To gain further insight into our (some say, crazy) venture, please subscribe to our quarterly, newsletter!